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conf has been released in the forms of; binary RPM, source RPM, or tarball source. This program is a complete frontend for helping you out with building, and compiling your projects regardless of nature. There are two major pieces of software that are required, and one being optional. The 'configure' script is optional (required for the -f) and then 'make'. This will, or should help you build and compile your projects faster without having to type very long strings, or multiple strings to the compiler, or the makefile including the configure script. No additions other then what is there already will be made, unless someone else decides to do it.

A quick, dirty way to make things easier and faster for the Sysop. This should allow you to quickly update the message (.msg) files that are found in all distributions of the Falken BBS software for Linux. While making this program, a few features were also added before the actual release of this software.
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IRCM for Linux
IRCM is a front-end to BitchX for Linux. This requires that you have (dialog) successfully installed, working and in your path. This program once executed will allow you to login to other IRC networks, and start talking to other IRC users from around the world. This is only available as a public demonstration, all of the servers are not, or have not yet been added. The only updates will include fresh, or updated servers. Of course, you may optionally add your own sections to this script. (Included: A template section for beginners, or even knowledged users of the dialog program)

Mininum requirements: Linux, sh, dialog, BitchX
Important notices; There are some times that this does not want to work well within KDE, I have not tested the other GUI envirorments yet, but it does work from time to time. This mainly is a text/console utility.

The Newsroom
This is a module for the Falken BBS software for Linux. This will allow the Sysop to post messages that will never stop, until they elect to remove it from the database themselfs.
(1) Message (2) Message

This is the Finger Daemon for the Falken BBS Software for Linux. This is an additional package, including the default package that is provided by kewjhoe.
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Autoboot is a small application that serves one specific purpose. The current and only purpose to it mainly is, to reboot a given machine in a specifed amount of days. It is not suggested to use this software if you are running a business, or a site that requires a consistant type of connection without interruption, but this in place can be used for killing zombies, and other various tasks that are dead on your PC.

This is a small semi-perl script that allows you to link and unlink default installation of MySQL from - In which, a few problems with this, considering (mysqladmin) being available to general public, via: /bin/mysqladmin - But the default installation is open to general public as well. You can make your own modifications to this if you wish, or as needed for your own machine.

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