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(new) RDSet 0.0.3 in .tar.gz and RDSet 0.0.3 in .tar.bz2 formats. This tiny script has to servers setup by default to allow you to configure your time and date without physically changing your BIOS. There are two other versions (simular) but not quite like the RDSet software, and can easily be used from Crontab. Whereas this version is more difficult to install as a Crontab. 4 options for root, 2 for the normal user. Normal users can only VIEW the time/date that returns from other sites, whereas the root has the ability to even set the returns to the BIOS.

(updated) sitelynx 0.1.2 has a new release available today along with a new release of kernud! sitelynx 0.1.2 is a very small program that is released under the GNU General Public License. What the sitelynx program does, or attempts to do, is allows you to invoke 'lynx', with a pre-coded site. Which basically means, if you are using Lynx from your UNIX account (ie: ' www login: lynx ') to log in to Lynx automatically, this program may even make things easier for you.

There are currently no menu options to this, other then passing a single simple string to the program. Here is a simple example:

sitelynx -f

This will tell sitelynx to use, as:


Yes, I know this is very lame, but I was bored and had nothing else really to do, or accomplish at the moment. Hopefully, it helps someone out with coding, or even to do what has been stated to do.

conf has been released in the forms of; binary RPM, source RPM, or tarball source. This program is a complete frontend for helping you out with building, and compiling your projects regardless of nature. There are two major pieces of software that are required, and one being optional. The 'configure' script is optional (required for the -f) and then 'make'. This will, or should help you build and compile your projects faster without having to type very long strings, or multiple strings to the compiler, or the makefile including the configure script. No additions other then what is there already will be made, unless someone else decides to do it.

autoboot has now been officially released as a completely new version that has several changes from prior releases. This version now includes 9 days, instead of 4 days by default, with the structures for shutdown, reboot and as well for creating and by erasing logfiles that can be generated by autoboot. This is not a complete application, but is no more then a frontend for common Linux distributions. This version has not been completely tested, because of various reasons on our site. You are more then welcome to send your comments and fixes about this software though, and it will be updated as they are needed or are required.

kernud-02-01-2000 is available, and released on Feb 01, 2000. This version supports the 2.3.42 kernel as well as the previous, 2.3.41. Today, is when the new kernel was released to download. Also, I have updated alot of the files that are included with this distribution, as I am asking for a bit of help from people for this software. (Read the README for more...) There is a user support forum currently available at for kernud! Although, you must register to gain access to the forums. Registration is free, simple, fast and easy.

Are you a Falken BBS Sysop, looking for a faster way to update the message (.msg) files, with out having to make your own script, or a program to automatically update these files for yourself? There are a few features that were written into the source code for the falmsg program, which is yours for the grabs, and to even add any new code to it, for yourself. Check out the downloads sections for more information regarding, falmsg.

The Newsroom 1.0.7 has been released! If you are a previous user of The Newsroom software, you may wish to get this update as soon as possible. The newer kernels have some changes that were made that prevent The Newsroom from functioning. 1.0.7 solves this issue, allowing you to run it again. There are two releases of 1.0.7, one for older kernels and another for the newer kernels. Among these two releases, there are a few cosmetic changes also, as to why two releases, and not one specific new release.

IRCM for BitchX for Linux is released, ready to download. You must be running a Linux machine, with BitchX, dialog and sh installed on your machine. This is only a front-end, and not an actual program. This script will allow you to select an option, or scroll down to select a specific IRC server for you, so you don't have to use the long logins, or scripts to execute BitchX, and server lists and such anymore. This is only a small sample of what to possibly expect from this script. Updates will only add, remove, or update existing IRC services to the script. Also, has a template section ready for beginners, as well as the expert programmers of (dialog) to add their own resources.

The Computer Discussion Group is publically open for everyone to join in, and start a conversation. There are going to be several forums available for everyone to join in, and have a good time. Needless to say, with the efforts that are being made to these forums and the site, it's most valuable point is, in efforts to making a one point stop for people to ask questions, and get answers. Beginners and, or even professionals can join in!

Visit the download area and see what is available for download. Not all the programs are done in very good code, but however do give general idea as to what they do, as it is extremely basic. I do ask of anyone who downloads something if they should fix something, update something, or better something to contact me regarding it, so I can post it up here.

Yes, these pages have changed previously, only due to the second time I went to update these pages, ever so rudely decided to change the file size to (0 bytes in file length). I have a small feeling that I am going to be making a new page elsewhere, and move these pages to a different site.

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